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Now is your opportunity do a specific Goalkeepers training with RCD Espanyol de Barcelona coaches.


Our goalkeeper training sessions are based on the most current scientific research on this field. This includes evaluating the goalkeeper problem: “anticipation from biological motion” (Diaz et al. 2012).

We work as our goalkeepers in La Liga, that is, we study the goalkeeper's motion pattern as a response to opponents actions. This includes capturing the information and selecting the most optimal responses to increase probabilities to save the ball. In addition, the modern goalkeeper should be a master with the foot, so we integrate foot-touch quality in our sessions.


Overall, we work our goalkeepers with the most professional tools, including body parametric study programs by using Kinovea to understand body ergonomy of our goalkeepers.

If you want the most professional goalkeeper training you are very welcome to RCD Espanyol de Barcelona

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If you want more information please send a e-mail to info@rcdespanyolacademy.se


Videos on Goal Keeper trainings with Elliot Bastias


Here you can watch our Goal Keeper coach Elliot Bastias in a Spanish TV on Penalti Cash.



300 SEK per training 1h

Book 10 sessions for 2 500 SEK

Goalkeeper training in groups of 3-5 

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Location to be determinated
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